Children’s dental medicare

Children’s dental medicare

In the case of children trust in the dentist plays the main role in the treatment
process. It is very important for the child not to feel fear before visiting the
dentist .The first visits are decisive for the child,s further attitude towards the
dental treatment in the years to come.

Pediatric prophylactics includes – Teaching the child to accurately clean his/her teth.
Silanization of deep fissures.

Modern treatment of cavities of deciduous teeth is vital since these should
preserved until their replacement with the permanent.

Dental Studio '' Edelweiss '' - md. Marulev

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A highly motivated and qualified team with a sense of responsibility is at your disposal.
Good quality of service is achieved through the use of tried and tested materials that meet our requirements and those of our patients
At the first consultation, we discuss all the patient's problems and wishes, offering various possible treatments
Dental Studio '' Edelweiss '' - md. Marulev
We offer a treatment plan and for the sake of clarity we use demonstration pictures, models and videos
Our main goal is to preserve and improve your natural smile
We have many years of experience